Sonos, as of 6pm on a Friday evening, are the current champions of the modular home hi-fi system. Unless there is anything huge planned for the weekend, I expect this to still be the case come Monday morning.

The technology powering the system has always been cutting edge however Sonos customers have constantly been disappointed when it came to the mobile iOS controller due to its clunky interface, slow loading times and its general lack of flat design to fit in with the smooth interface on their touch devices. The application was first introduced in 2009 but has been under scrutiny to change its ways.

A new age for a new Sonos

Sonos have taken note of the passing of time and since March, they have been rolling out the latest app to complement its sound system. The old interface has been replaced by a new interface that brings about with a feeling of elegance that should bring it aside apps that have been launched by Beats, Rdio and Spotify.

So how does the new app feel to use?

The first noticeable difference is the brightness of the application as it takes advantage of the iPhones' retina screen instead of the dull blue of the old version. Another notable addition is the Now Playing bar at the bottom so changing your music is only a few taps away thus making the whole method of swapping between rooms and music a lot more intuitive.

Changing your music input is made more obvious instead of being under layers of an unnecessary labyrinth. The ability to add music quickly and easily from different sources is a nice touch instead of locking you down to just one source. You can even add your own line in to make sure your vinyl gets played perfectly around the house. All of this is ridiculously easy to set up on the current app as it always has been.

Will the app make me buy a Sonos system?

Probably not as you won't be able to use it without the system; however, if you are a user, then you will be able to upgrade to the new app for free.