No one can deny that the Playstation 2 had a good run - 12 years on the shelves, 150 million units sold worldwide and the title of "most successful home console of all time". But all good things must come to an end, and indeed so must the PS2, as SONY have confirmed that they are ceasing production of the console that gripped a generation of gamers.

I was a PS2 early adopter, back when I was running a pub in the middle of nowhere. There wasn't much to do around town, so it didn't take me long to save for the hulking monolith of machine that was the original PS2. The games around launch weren't particularly impressive (I believe I picked up Summoner as my first game), but the integrated DVD function went a long way to me justifying the dent it made in my savings. Plus, I had a stack of PS1 games I hadn't got around to playing, and nothing but time on my hands.

While I'd previously owned consoles, it was the PS2 that really captured my imagination. Sure, I'd spent hours exploring Midgar and the surrounding landscape in FF7, but it was the crystal cut graphics of games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and its sequel, along with the 3D renaissance of top down mischief maker Grand Theft Auto that made me realise that gaming could be much more than simple entertainment. The machine's capabilities gave developers the opportunity to create stunning works of art like Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, as well as biting satire (pick any GTA game).

While I'm sad to see the PS2 laid to rest, it's legacy is far from over. It's successor the Playstation 3 is still going strong, and this year should see the rise of a new machine from SONY. So pay your respects, and maybe spend the day dusting off your old console to relive some memories.

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