Quebec artist Sophia Bel has returned with intent, releasing a new single called 'Time' and announcing plans for an EP called Princess of the Dead coming later in the year. Speaking on the new track, 'Time', she says:

"Time" really set the tone for the EP. It felt like the beginning of a fantasy that later transcended into the 3 other songs of this record. The mood is blue, with visions of a windy coast in a sunny paradise. The energy is dreamy and nostalgic. What inspired the lyrics was my difficulty to let my guard down. I was listening to a lot of trip hop at the time and the artist that rubbed of on me the most in this one is Moby."

'Time' is a brilliant way to get people interested in her emerging voice, as it immediately enfolds the listener in its chunky bass-anchor, which is perfectly offset by Sophia's high and searching vocals riding across the surface. The influence of Moby can certainly be heard in the haunting piano line that winds its way through the track, giving it depth and a chilliness that suggests she's thinking back to memories from long ago, and the result may not be warmth. Nonetheless, 'Time' has a subtle beauty beneath its frostiness, with enough dimensions to enthral listeners, and enough space to allow them to project whatever nostalgic feelings they might want onto it.

More news about Sophia Bel should be coming soon; follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.