Having spent the last few years toiling her wares with Brooklyn based Cliffie Swan – formerly known as Lights – Sophia Knapp has released her debut solo effort, Into The Waves. But, while Cliffie Swan's garage guitar type sound entertained, Knapp’s ‘cinematic’ solo material simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

Admittedly, Into The Waves has a softer approach; acoustic guitars and a playful piano are the main ports of attention throughout. That much of the records 10 tracks feature nothing more may go part of the way in explaining why it quickly becomes stale.

‘Glasses High’ sees Knapp gently coo over the passage of time backed by a wistful backing track. While her voice may be almost fragile to touch, there is a certain lack of bite that keeps your attention. ‘Into The Waves’ has an 80s film soundtrack vibe to it, but without any images of Stallone or Schwarzenegger to accompany these sounds, Knapp again finds herself trying to sing over a noisy crowd.

‘Spiderweb’ is the first of two duets with Drag City label mate, Bill Callahan. A song envisioning lust, love and rejection, Callahan adding a welcome shot of adrenaline as many will no doubt be beginning to snooze. In between ‘Spiderweb’ and Callahan’s other duet, ‘Weeping Willow’, you are left longing for his speedy return. There are many situations in which you could ‘listen’ to this record but they would inevitably involve the sort of people who drink organic lemongrass smoothies and green tea.

The reality is, not even Bill Callahan can rescue Into The Waves out of the rather deep hole it has dug for itself. If this is a pop vocal for our time as it has been advertised, then I’m selling all my worldly possessions and investing in a time machine.