French band Yelle have just been given the remix treatment courtesy of two innovative artists of our present day music world, SOPHIE and A. G. Cook.

The original 'Moteur Action' is taken from the trio's third album Complètement Fou (something like "Totally Crazy"), which was produced by Dr. Luke – he discovered the band after hearing a remix they did for Katy Perry's 'Hot n Cold'; the album was also released on his label Kemosabe. 'Moteur Action' is a light skipping rope of springtime pop, sprinkled with grinding synth here and there for a heavier sound to counterbalance an otherwise cheerful bounce of semi-euphoria. You can listen to it at the end of this post.

SOPHIE and A. G. Cook turn up the heft and give this track some serious weight, leaving in some of the delicious French vocals of Yelle (Julie Budet) herself adding gleefully distorted synth in syncopated trance patterns and a fragmented dynamism that's heavily percussive with a slow-down footwork flavour, thudding drums and a breathy vocal sample battering your ears with satisfying intensity. There's a great little bit here where things turn playroom-musicbox, an icy melody helps to paint an isolated oasis of delicacy in the otherwise booming rubbery ball pit that is this remix. Listen below!