Brooklyn-based Irish transplant Sorcha Richardson has released a new song entitled 'Can't We Pretend', following up last year's 'Waking Life' and '4AM'.

Richardson continues to impress with her narrative abilities, richly detailed by her classic voice, and interwoven with delicate musicianship. 'Can't We Pretend' is a song of reflection, looking back on her youth in her native Ireland and wishing to be young and carefree again. The song is nostalgic, of course, but shot through with a maturity and grace gained from having lived abroad for a number of years and the continual honing of her artistic abilities. Richardson gives us the feeling of being in her bedroom with her, as she composes her personal and intimate songs, and from this vantage point in the metropolis we, through her words and voice, feel the sweep across her life both chronologically and physically taking us through her younger years. It's a compelling and mature piece from the young singer that promises much more to come.

Listen to 'Can't We Pretend' below.

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