EMÆL don’t want you to give in to the grind. Today they are debuting a video for their single 'Yellowtail' that tells a colorful tale about working for a tyrant in a dead-end job; view it exclusively below.

Los Angeles native Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess is the brains behind EMÆL (ee-my-el), a chamber pop group who recently put out their debut LP, Glasswork. His signature is the cello, evoking so much personality that you forget the instrument is best known for appearing in straight-laced orchestras. He is accompanied by four bandmates, all as painstakingly dedicated to these sounds as he.

'Yellowtail' is somehow soulful. The cello seems to actively speak to the rest of the instrumentation, manipulating it into a wild 15/4 time. The first few melodies for the track were inspired by an impromptu duet between Ventura-Cruess and a little girl he crossed paths with while traveling in Mexico. The lyrics have origins in Rumi's poem, “Chickpea to Cook.” Both add up to a compelling track about never losing focus of who you really are, imploring, “Don’t fold your kite!”

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