Under-the-radar crooner Taft constructs unquestionable beauty with his new single, ‘Rooms’. The Austin-based singer-songwriter hits all the right chords with this stirring track that will be on his forthcoming LP, goodnight, plum. ‘Rooms’ represents hopes, dreams, and profound loss in an enthralling six-minute presentation that’s vividly stimulating and greatly atmospheric.

Taft Mashburn looks deep inside to seek truth and purpose with his affecting compositions. With musical stints in New York City, Woodstock, Vermont and California, the wanderer pens songs about life on the road and the experiences he takes in. With a glowing imagination, the soundscape he builds is on a whole new playing field for those to become completely immersed within. Listening to ‘Rooms’ feels most appropriate inside the four walls of a bedroom or walking down a busy street at night, absorbing everything you bear witness to. Intensely contemplative with Taft’s passionate falsetto, the song is accompanied by intricate chords and evocative piano keys, which ultimately allows for one to completely fade into. Taft extends his musical muscle to the hearts and spirits of his listeners and comes up successfully with an endeavor that aches with utter allure and pure emotion.

Take your first listen at ‘Rooms’ below:

goodnight, plum is set for an early 2019 release via Cosmic Dreamer. It will be the musician’s third album, following 2017’s Tdnp. The new record was performed as a live in-studio concert with minimal overdubs. It features prominent indie musicians such as Andrew Stevens (Hovvdy, Lomelda, Ryan Von Gonten) on drums, Josh Halpern (Shearwater, Marmalakes, Still Corners) also on drums, Jeff Ratner (Langhorne Slim, Bing & Ruth) on bass, and Sam Pankey (Balmorhea) on bass as well.