When people used to mention to the term "triple threat," or "full package" when referring to a female artist, it used to spark images of pre-packed music industry manipulated pop stars constructed by label marketers to sell sell sell. Wow, it's such a relief those narratives have been torn down and ripped apart by creative polymaths like 21-year-old Londoner, ROCH, who is equal parts musician and equal parts sculpture student at Central Saint Martins.

ROCH's vision to combine visual art with her dream pop music has come to fruition through the creative process of her new track 'Vienna'. "My art practice at Central Saint Martins has rubbed off on my lyrics and songwriting," she told The 405 over email. "I'm inspired by what goes on in the studio, what people are making and talking about. I'm also filming constantly, my practice is performance and video based, so filming helps to inspire lyrics."

Listen to the soulful dream-pop track 'Vienna' and find out more about ROCH in our exclusive interview below. If you like what you hear, we recommend checking her our during her forthcoming London live residency, which kicks off next Monday (11th July) at Deptford Vinyl. Full details can be found on the poster below the interview.

Tell us about your new single.

'Vienna' is a reflection on wanting to grab hold of an opportunity but being held back by things that might seem more important to you at the time.

Where do you find inspiration?

In the studio at CSM, conversations people are having, films, exhibitions and work people are creating.

When was the last time you tried something new?

I found an extremely old foot pumped harmonium in the studio the other week, I keep coming back to play it - it sounds amazing.

You study sculpture at the Central Saint Martins. How do you think your visual art background affects the way you produce music?

My relationship with the two are symbiotic, they go hand in hand concept wise. Themes or modes of production that I look at within my art tend to make their way into the music I produce and vice versa.

What are you currently working on?

Rehearsing with my band for four free shows I'm doing over the summer near me in Peckham, New Cross and Deptford, and working towards an exhibition my friends and I are putting on involving film and sound.

 photo ROCH SE July_August 2016_zpsjcbarnkw.jpeg