The latest tidbit of news to effuse from SoundCloud's continuing purge on anything that's not official label-sanctioned business is this ridiculous news that a silent track has been removed from the site.

Labelled as 'John Cafe - 4'33'' (DJ DETWEILER REMIX)', the track disappeared from the SoundCloud account of D.J. Detweiler and was accompanied by the above message to his inbox. 4'33'' as you will probably know is a piece of "music" that was "composed" by John Cage - it consists of nothing but silence for four minutes and thirty-three seconds, with the sounds that occur within the duration of the piece determined by the venue, and its noises, in which it is being performed. Thus this cannot really be remixed, since arguably every performance is a remix of sorts.

It seems, at the most basic level, that SoundCloud's "automatic content protection system" has no real regard for context or any other human nuance that may accompany an alleged breach of copyright.