Months after streaming service Soundcloud announced that it would be offering equity deals with labels, in agreement that it could not be sued for copyright, Warner Music Group has become the first major label to join in. At the time, Bloomberg noted that "the music streaming service is offering between 3% and 5% of SoundCloud as well as a share of the company's future earnings."

The new 'On Soundcloud' subscription service will launch in 2015, allowing music creators more direct ways to release their music rather than just the standard Soundcloud uploading. The service is ad-supported and will help with promotions via "user-generated mixes and mash-up," according to a press release.

SoundCloud’s founder and CEO Alexander Ljung released a statement on the move, saying; "We’re thrilled that Warner Music Group will be the first major label to join our new creator partner program. We expect to generate significant revenue for Warner and its artists in the months and years ahead as we roll out an ad-supported offering and subscription service that delivers real value to the industry." Exact terms of the deal have not yet been released.

The Berlin-based company, which manages nearly 250 million monthly listeners, had been in the news for less-than stellar reports of a $29 million loss in 2013. Still, Soundcloud is valued roughly at $700 million, and then new partnership with WMG could possibly inflate those figures.