SoundCloud continues being the nicest streaming service by releasing Pulse, an Android app that is specifically targeted at artists and "creators." The community-based music entity has upset a lot of major labels and their supporters in the past, beginning with Sony and not yet ending, but hopefully this move will help to show people that SoundCloud is something of a special case.

This is a streaming service that allows not only uploading your own music, but comments, likes, reposting, DMing – it is its own world, and major label encroachment and unilateral demands would serve to only damage that community. Perhaps this marks a split in SoundCloud as a service – perhaps they'll eventually split themselves into two offerings, one more cut-and-dry "streaming service", and one more like the SoundCloud we all know and love.

Indeed, Pulse very much sounds like what SoundCloud already offers, an experience tailor-made for makers of music and the enclaves of fans that follow their activity on the service. It's the Twitter of streaming services. Could, then, this really herald a Pulse / SoundCloud split in the future, with something of no-label-zone characterising the more social Pulse?

Significant updates are planned for the Pulse app in the future. Whether or not it will be released for iOS remains to be seen.