Not quite sure what to make of this, in terms of what it actually is – not how it sounds, because it sounds great. But what is it, really?

Desire, if you don't know, is a duo comprising of Italians Do It Better label boss and producer Johnny Jewel and singer Megan Louise. You'll know their song 'Under Your Spell' from the Drive soundtrack. In 2009 they released their album II, which was received very well, and soon after they released an EP called If I Can't Hold You, featuring a song of the same name which kind of doubled as a demo version of this song right here, 'I Can Dream About You', in turn a half-cover (more a repurposing of a hook) of a song with the same name by Dan Hartman. It's all very confusing. But if you look on the Italians Do It Better Tumblr, you'll see some photos of some new-looking vinyl sleeves: are these reissues? Re-doings? Polishings?

Basically, the "demo" version is 8-minutes-something long, and this version is 5-minutes-something. It's been polished, sounds cleaner, crisper, glittering with nocturnal malaise and that seemingly eternal longing that is but hours in length, evocative strings and synth melodies rising up towards the end, supported all the way with simple and effective lyrics and hot palm-muted guitars.