It's not a revelation that slot machines, whether offline or online, are by far the most popular casino game among players around the world. In some casinos, even in Las Vegas, slots can make up more than two-thirds of the overall revenue. When we think of gambling, we often envision people around the roulette wheel, having a great time. We think of the social aspect! Why then do so many people go against their imagination and spend their time at the mostly non-social slot machines? It turns out that sound effects and music play a crucial role here.

Jingles, loud beeps and flashing lights

When you walk into a casino, whether that is around the corner of your home or in Las Vegas, what is the first thing you hear? Most likely a wild combination of jingles from well-known movies, loud beeps, all within a temple of colourful and flashing lights.

Sound effects are a powerful way to enter one's mind and change their mood. Have you ever felt happy when you listened to a particular song and depressed when hearing another? Exactly — music and sound can change the way you feel.

A new study called "Journal of Gambling Studies" discovered that some noises can trick our brains into thinking that we won something. When you spin the reels and win just 25 cents, but the slot machine responds with loud cheering and clapping, you will instantly feel something good just happened — in this case, winning money. It's like listening to the chants at a football match.

Slots are designed around this human reaction and use sound effects and music to provide feedback to the player.

New Slot Sites Take Player Feedback to the Next Level

Interestingly, you can find this behaviour not only in the real world but also online. New Online Casinos pop up every month, and some of them focus solely on online slots with a game portfolio in excess of one thousand. You can find an overview of new slot sites that launched in 2019 on this website.

If you have never played at a new casino on the internet, you will be surprised what technology is capable of these days. Besides movie jingles and the sound from spinning reels, online slots come in full HD resolution and stunning graphic effects on both desktop and mobile.

On the internet, slots feedback to you not only through sound but also small video sequences, hidden characters and symbols, visual effects and complex but well-thought-out storylines. However, despite all, music and sound is still what impacts your mood the most.