Soundtrack To A Film is a brand new feature for The 405. In a similar vein to the Silent Film Nights we held at the sadly departed Pure Groove last year, we asked bands/artists to pick a film they love and give us 10 songs that they would have soundtracked the film with, given the chance. The second in this series is brought to you by The Unkindness of Ravens. Sit back, relax, and don't forget the popcorn!
We have re-scored one of our all time favourite classics: ALIEN directed by Ridley Scott. We don't need to give this film much of an introduction other than they just don't make movies like this any more. Like Blade Runner, every shot is just so damn beautiful. Sci-Fi filmmakers should just go back to using miniature models and not CGI. Don't forget this is not just sci-fi but purist horror. What makes this film so successful is that every single character is a protagonist and you don't know who's gonna get it next, let alone be the hero. We have supplied timings for any of you who actually wanna see how well our chosen songs work. Eight songs we would soundtrack with the film: Click here to listen to the playlist Opening credits: ‘Know Your Enemy’ by Hybrid. The crew depart their mothership - The Nostromo - to explore a distress signal on an alien planet. 13 minutes in - track: ‘Storm 3000’ by Leftfield. Once landed on the alien planet, 3 crew members explore the surface leading to the discovery of a derelict ship - 23 minutes in - cue Nine Inch Nails - 'Reptile'. The crew discover the ship is home to a nest of alien eggs. Whilst inspecting one of the eggs, Officer Kane is attacked by a face-hugger. 52 minutes in the crew are at dinner, where Officer Kane seems to be in great health until an alien explodes from his chest. Chosen song: ‘Dead Air’ by The Unkindness Of Ravens. Chorus: “And now - I am a part of you now - oh oh" Alien is running loose on ship. Captain Dallas hunts it down in the airshafts. 1 Hr 08:17 in - ‘Pattern Recognition’ by Sonic Youth. "Like a cool hunter watch the disarray". 1 Hr 17:50 - Science Officer Ash tries to kill Ripley - ‘Slider’ by The Future Sound Of London. Ripley, Chief Engineer Parker and Navigator Lambert are the last remaining crew. They make it their mission to abandon the mothership in their escape pod. Things don't go their way. When the Alien shows it's face around 1 Hr 28:41 hit play - ‘Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack’ by The Liars. In the escape pod: Ripley thinks she's escaped the alien. Wrong. 1 Hr 42:24 - ‘Who The Fuck?’ by PJ Harvey. Ripley wins. Goes back into stasis. End credits: ‘The Black Angel's Death Song’ - The Velvet Underground.