Earlier this month, two South Korean soldiers were injured when they stepped on landmines, allegedly placed by their neighbour North Korea.

South Korea responded by setting up massive speakers (example above) and blasting North Korea with "propaganda", some of which was K-pop, some of which were genuine anti-Juche messages.

North Korea hated it so much that they fired one 14.5 mm anti-aircraft shell at on 20th August; the South then retaliated the same day by firing multiple times from a 155m "direct fire weapon".

Then, after much talking – and a North Korean apology – the two countries decided to bury the hatchet (for now). The loudspeakers have, as of yesterday, fallen silent once again. But they've been used in this way before, to blast North Korea with pop songs and other anti-Pyongyang sentiment. North Korea have responded in kind in the past, but reportedly their loudspeakers are of such bad quality that their attempts are incomprehensible.

One of the K-pop selections making its merry way across the border from South to North was apparently this little number, 'Bang Bang Bang' by Big Bang.