Just over a year ago we brought you 'Beautiful Rain', the excellent single from young Londoner Jude Woodhead. Now switching names to Saint Jude he returns with a track called 'Deaf Ears, Blind Years', which shows his growing ambition and further maturation of his talents.

The track combines classic sounding beats with very light touches of hallucinogenic tones, giving the track an airy feeling. This allows Jude's contemplative lyricism to float by easily, even though his thoughts are heavy and worth pondering. He's self-examining, considering his shortcomings and undramatically sorting through them, coming to some level of understanding. 'Deaf Ears, Blind Years' transports his grey daily life to a beautiful mental vista, and as listeners he takes us there with him. It's further evidence of a talent to watch, with plenty of depth to be excavated and the perfect ears and mind to do it.

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