Ed Cawthorne is the founder of South London's premiere jazz label 22a, and over recent years has built up a shed-load of respect and credentials from his work playing in, supporting and cultivating the scene. Amidst all his hard work, he has finally found the time to put together his own music under the moniker Tenderlonious, producing an album called The Shakedown with an expansive and shifting collective, the 22archestra.

With Cawthorne playing flute and saxophone, and playing creative mastermind and band leader, The Shakedown is set to be a mind-expanding jazz voyage, brought into bristling life with the help of this talented group. The first song to be premiered from the album is 'Yussef's Groove', named after the 22archestra's drummer Yussef Dayes (formerly Yussef Kamal). It's as groovy as its title suggests, getting stuck into its deep and immovable funk early on; from there the expert synth use takes the song to new plains of existence. Tenderlonious' weightless and cutting flute soon takes centre stage, flanked by keys and bass, underpinned by plenty of crazy percussion. Throughout, 'Yussef's Groove' does not let up in its compelling and ever-shifting from. Check it out below.

The Shakedown comes out through 22a on June 15th and can be pre-ordered here. Info about the band's lineup and future live dates are below.

The 22archestra are:

Ed ‘Tenderlonious’ Cawthorne: flute & synth
Hamish Balfour: keys
Fergus Ireland: bass
Yussef Dayes: drums
Tim Carnegue: drums
Mo Kolours: Percussion
Al Dobson Jr: percussion
Aidan Shepherd: keys
Nick Walters: trumpet
Reginald Omas Mamode IV: percussion
Jeen Bassa: percussion
Konrad: percussion

Live dates:

May 19th - Paris - La Petite Halle
May 26th – Liverpool - The Reeds
May 27th - Leeds - World Island
June 1st - Bristol - Louisiana
June 7th - Brighton - Patterns
June 8th - Wales - Gottwood Festival
June 14th - Manchester - Soup Kitchen
June 15th - Poland – Wrocław 22archestra show
June 22nd - London - Oslo
July 30th - Croatia - Soundwave
31st August - Cornwall - Knee Deep Festival