Jude Woodhead is the latest young talent to emerge from the South London scene that has brought us the likes of King Krule and Cosmo Pyke. At just 20 years old, it's quite stunning to hear the omnivorous nature and the sumptuous production of debut single 'Beautiful Rain'.

It's unsurprising to hear that Woodhead's earliest influences were his father's collection of Congolese and South African records. Reaching his teens he drifted more towards current house music pioneers like Four Tet and Floating Points. It's no surprise then that 'Beautiful Rain' comes out sounding like a mash-up of all of these influences - and needless to say it's an utterly joyous one. Usually here in England we bemoan any sign of drizzle, but 'Beautiful Rain' flips that on its head, celebrating a cold downpour for the life giving source that it is.

Woodhead has also compiled a video for 'Beautiful Rain', which he says is "about memory, particularly the way that we remember things as snapshots or scenes. Hopefully this sense of young summer nostalgia for the time when I made the song comes across in the video." Check out 'Beautiful Rain' below.

'Beautiful Rain' is out now on Just Off Pop. His next single will be dropping very soon.