Although Peckham-based songwriter Amaroun (née Jay Brown) is still relatively young and new to music, she is already tackling big and prescient topics with a cultured breeziness. The tense debut single 'Bed Bugs' found her reckoning with her own inner turmoil, rendered in crisp alt-pop. Her second single, 'Made A Fire', follows on from this track and finds her in a much lighter mood, both lyrically and sonically.

“The song was written in a heightened state, in the aftermath of my coming out. It’s a narrative progression from my previous single ‘Bed Bugs’, where I was deep in confusion, distraction and escapism. In ‘Made A Fire’ I’ve found clarity in the thrill of meeting someone new. When you find that person and there’s this instant connection you can’t deny, it’s something that’s hard to describe. This song is simply gratitude in musical form for that person and that feeling," Amaroun says.

That new lease of life is tangible throughout 'Made A Fire', which lifts off immediately on gliding guitars and a dreamy melodic sweep. While Amaroun compares the new romantic connection to an infection, she also sees their natural friction making a fire - one which could burn for a long time yet. The song moves with the joyous rush that comes from discovering someone new and important, and in the process discovering yourself.

Listen to 'Made A Fire' below.

Amaroun is currently working on her first major release with the likes of Charles Watson (Slow Club), LA Salami, Adam French, Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) and Francobollo.

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