Editors’ Justin Lockey has been involved in two lauded super groups in recent years, Minor Victories and Mastersystem, while also finding time to co-run Physical Education Records. His latest discovery is power trio Cagework, who replicate some of the sensitive fury of the tragically curtailed Mastersystem.

Fronted by Sam Bedford, Cagework combine post-hardcore, emo and even avant-folk to bruising effect. Their new single and the first release from the forthcoming debut album is ‘Wilson’, a bone crunching bit of quiet-quiet-very-loud. The song follows last year’s ‘Simmer’, which picked up radio play and a fair bit of traction of its own.

The band took the chance to train up their sea legs off the back of that early success before heading into the studio with Lockey on the controls. “It’s seems strange to want to draw a line under such a short period of time, considering we’ve been a band for less than a year,” says Bedford. “But we were looking ahead and really wanted to have these songs documented, with so many more being written all the time.”

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