Word's reached us from Southbank Centre:

"Southbank Centre is inviting artists from around the UK and the world to participate and collaborate in the summer-long arts festival, Festival of the World (1 June to 9 September). The new space, the Festival Village, will be at the heart of the festival: a place where artists, partners, participants and staff can connect and relax.


This creative social space is being built through a collaborative process where everyone can get involved. If you are interested in architecture, design or construction and want to get hands on, learn or share skills then please make contact via Festival Village on Wordpress. You don’t need any experience, you can just come and try it out."

Seeming as some of the best art these days comes from collaborative practice, this is brilliant news. We massively urge anyone with a vague interest in this idea from Southbank Centre go and join the fun!

"Festival of the World will be a space for artists and visitors from around the world to enjoy a three-month celebration of the arts and its power to transform lives. The Festival Village will be at the heart of the Festival and demonstrates the power of what can be achieved when people join forces to work together to create something new."

– Jude Kelley, Artistic Director of Southbank Centre