Southsea Fest has revealed the first set of acts set to play this year's festival, which takes place on September 17th across venues in Southsea, Portsmouth.

Among the first acts to be announced are the likes of Johnny Foreigner, Dry The River, Trophy Wife, Die! Die! Die!, Stagecoach and Bleeding Heart Narrative.

With many more bands yet to be announced, visit for the lineup so far.

Tickets for the event, which hosts 16 stages of poetry, music and comedy, are on sale now.

    Lineup So Far

    Johnny Foreigner, Die! Die! Die!, Dry The River Bleeding Heart Narrative, Trophy Wife, Sound of Rum The B of The Bang, The Miserable Rich, Matthew & The Atlas Milloy, The Arteries, The Dauntless Elite, Bangers The Down & Outs, Two Years, OK Pilot, Caves Glass Avalanche, Calvin Ball, Stagecoach, Tangled Hair, My First Tooth, Hymns, Jumping Ships, Spokes, Mariners, Hall of Mirrors, Kelly Kemp Andrea Kenny, Lucky Ones Die First, Jack P and Will Mcnicol Under The Laurels, The Boy I Used To Be, Adam Kammering