"This lo-fi rap album just shows SpaceGhostPurrp makes "some of the murkiest rap out there." It seems like an introduction to a rapper who could be heralded as the new king of the underground scene, however you have a feeling the talented rapper/producer wants to hit bigger heights than that. His unhinged and visceral production skills could lead him onto to bigger things if the industry was to allow hardcore hip hop into the more commercial scene, but at the moment I don't think the radios are quite ready for industrial, shadowy, sex moaning beats poured into the everyday listeners’ ears. Maybe in the not so distant dystopian future though."

SpaceGhostPurrp certainly made an impression on us when he released his debut album, Mysterious Phonk, through 4AD back in June. Not just from a lyrical point of view, but from a production standpoint too, and much like Clams Casino's 'Instrumental Tapes', the instrumental version of Mysterious Phonk will allow you to pick up on things you might have missed previously, and believe us, there's a lot to take in with this record.

Download it here.