Spanish psych-prog band Melange takes its name for "the spice" that is central to the plot of Frank Herbert's Dune. The drug extends your lifespan, enhances your awareness and makes interstellar travel possible. With this in mind, Melange makes the perfect name for this Madrid-based band. They have the power to transport you to new worlds with their heady brand of rock music, and they do with exceptional skill on their new LP, Viento Bravo.

Recorded with the help of producer and friend Carlos Diaz, Viento Bravo is an all-analog creation, offering warmth and intimacy around its near-flawless instrumental performances. Tracks like album opener 'Río Revuelto' and 'Armas Preparadas' bristle with energy as the five-piece's palpable passion elevates the record to new heights.

Viento Bravo is a technical joy to listen to, but it is also packed with plenty of creative flair. If you have even in a passing interest in hearing five musicians work together in near-perfect harmony while shredding spacey guitars that might be able to carry you into another dimension, do yourself a favor and check out Melange's Viento Bravo.