Ahh, well, you can never go wrong with Spazzkid. Real name Mark Redito, this LA producer is a magician with sound, creating songs that you don't like, but love instead, and it's no different with his newest offering 'At Fault'.

Featuring additional sounds from Hiro Makino, aka musician There Is A Fox, as well as samples from his original 'Bad Day', the track is a hypnotising slice of chill on loop, shaking percussion and booming bass holding up each opposing end of the spectrum; everything in between is a beautiful jumble of xylophones, synth, chopped acoustic chords, and a guitar riff twiddled in successive frenzy.

Vocals innocently profess: "It's not my fault…" amidst the soaring organic and electronic atmosphere. Originally planned to be on Spazzkid's forthcoming EP, he decided to release it on its own, saying, "It stands for itself, pure and beautiful." Damn right about that.

You can also download this for free from its SoundCloud page, so go for it!

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