Ah! Lovely. It's always weird for me seeing stuff from these guys, I just look at the waveform for ages and don't play it till I feel, like, "ready" ... Why is that? Am I just overexcited? Like, when I get a really cool email or text from somebody (why am I telling you this) I read it really quickly, or read the subject line, and get up and go walk around kind of in shock about the goodness that the world has brought my way before I've read it properly. I don't know. Sorry.

Anyway, this ain't 'bout me, 's'bout London triumvirate of cute sounds Kero Kero Bonito remixing 'Daytime Disco' by purveyor of all-round good vibes, Spazzkid. The original, featuring the heaven-sent vocals of South Korean artist Neon Bunny, is cheerful and candy-coloured and is basically as daytime-disco as you'd want it to be. It arrived a few months after Spazzkid's very tasty Promise EP.

This remix, more a reimagining or a variation on a theme, by Kero Kero Bonito keeps that cheery cheerfulness, that joyful joy, alive. Instead of enveloping fizzy synth chords, we wave wibbly tropical soft chord syncopation, instead of Neon Bunny we have Sarah's bilingual pop meanderings and light-hearted rapping; there's also an awesomely simple beat breakdown like halfway through, featuring slow-carnival drum machine percussion and Sarah enjoining you to have a little dance, break loose and all that, squelchy bass bouncing around with glee.

Imagine having a party on the tropical island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and you're partway (part-ay?) there.

This arrives courtesy of NYC/London label, CASCINE.

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