To get you in the mood for Valentine's Day, Folly Rae not only shares her new song 'Someone I Don't Know', but also her "5 Ways To Approach Someone You Don't Know" guide.

2014 saw Folly Rae come to our attention with 'Run For Cover', which became 1Xtra's Track of the Week and 'Free Your Mind'. The '80s influenced 'Someone I Don't Know' has a rich sound with an alluring melody, making the timing of its arrival perfect.

5 Ways To Approach Someone You Don't Know

1. Be yourself, be happy, and maybe they will come to you.

2. When you see a possible suitor in the street, politely stop ask them for directions. It always work for me, cause I always get lost and need a handsome man to show me the way.

3. Compliment them: their clothing, jewellery, facial hair; everyone loves a compliment (don't be creepy).

4. Smile. If it doesn't creep them out and they smile back, say hello. Simple.

5. If it's raining, ask if you can share their umbrella.