To celebrate the release of Spectrals' new album, Sob Story (out now on Wichita Records), we asked Louis Jones to put together a playlist for our 'Under The Influence' series. How can you argue with someone that puts The Supremes and Elvis Costello in the same tracklist?

August Dates:

  • 10th London Visions Festival
  • 16th Beacons Festival Skipton

Elvis Costello - 'Stranger In The House'

This was the first time I ever took notice of pedal steel guitar in a song. It was too much you know, that vocal delivery and the quality of the lyrics but then on top of that this beautiful weeping sound, it got me wondering where I could find more of that and it got me into the country side of his music, and through that into the guys he in turn was looking to, George Jones and them. I could really of chosen any song off of My Aim Is True because that record really set me on with what I'm doing today, but this seems super relevant to the new record and what I want to do going forward. It's a demo as well! Didn't even make the record, that's how good the guy is!

The Supremes - 'Baby Love'

I remember this from been really small, and it would often be the sort of default song in my head, when I started doing the Spectrals material these were the sorts of songs I was thinking about a lot. Pure pop, you know, almost like comfort songs. I wanted to listen to and make music I didn't have to think really hard about. The Supremes and Diana Ross took me to all the Motown and Girl Group stuff, and obviously Phil Spector.

Soft Cell - 'Tainted Love'

This song crushes me. It is a brutally efficient pop song in terms of its make up and what it gets across with very little in the way of instrumentation. Not to get weird but this song has come to me at some very specific times in my life, sometimes it has made me cry and other times just made my night.

The La's - 'Tere She Goes'

This is a really obvious choice I would of thought, but perhaps that is the point. I can't remember when I first heard it, it's been one of my favourite songs for such a long time now. I think my dad had it on a compilation in his car, which is where I first heard nearly everything that had a bearing on what I do with Spectrals. It just makes me really happy.

The Rolling Stones - 'Sweet Virginia'

Me and my Mum went to watch them when I was young and it was just one of those days that sticks with you, they are her favourite band and after the concert I picked through the discography and they ended up one of mine too. I picked this because it just sounds so naughty, it's so loose and you can tell they just lived for it. I want to be able to channel music like that but it's so hard, I'm not a skilled musician but I just want to push on and try and pay my tribute to these beautiful bits of music.