Speedy Ortiz have been gone for a little while now, perhaps longer than they would have liked; in late 2016 they started work on what would have been their third album, but after Trump's election they threw the entirety of their work. “The songs on the album that were strictly personal or lovey dovey just didn’t mean anything to me anymore," says singer Sadie Dupuis. Instead they restarted on an album that addressed the political climate, and that became Twerp Verse, which will be released on April 27th via Carpark Records.

The first single is 'Lucky 88', a song that takes elements of Dupuis' synthy solo project Sad13 and punches them into the band's usual brand of erratic rock. In this tumultuous combination of bright electronics and grimey guitars, Dupuis is at her best, slinging fire at people she used to idolise. The chorus pops and shimmers like a radio pop song, and while Dupuis' use of the stock phrase "I don't care anymore" also plays into those tropes, the surrounding disaffection in the lyrics makes it a powerful statement of seizing back her own identity and forging onwards anew.

'Lucky 88' also comes with a video co-created by the band and Emily Yoshida, who "came up with a concept that addresses our reliance on technology and apps that’s so absorbing, it’s hard to engage with the outside world, even when it is literally being consumed by slime (and, hello, global warming, melting ice, coral bleaching, impending heat death, make no mistake, it IS being consumed by slime).”

Watch and listen to 'Lucky 88' below.

Pre-order Twerp Verse ahead of its April 27th release here.