This Friday sees the release of Mazy Fly, the engrossing new album from Spellling. If you haven't yet caught the Spellling bug then the video for album single 'Under The Sun' might just be the one to indoctrinate you to Chrystia Cabral's mystical music.

'Under The Sun' is said to be a "cosmic prayer for good fortune," and this is borne out in the pinwheeling synths and Spellling's alluring vocals. For the video, Cabral collaborated with filmmaker Catalina Xavlena, translating the sounds of 'Under The Sun' into a visual hallucination, reminiscent of David Lynch's most unsettling and engrossing works. Check out the video for 'Under The Sun' below.

Spellling's new album Mazy Fly is out this Friday via Sacred Bones.