Norway's Spielbergs have been one of our favourite breaking acts of 2018, with their powerhouse debut EP Distant Star having pulled us through this year at points. We are therefore excited to bring you the news that they'll be releasing their debut album, This Is Not The End, on February 1st through By The Time It Gets Dark. Today they've also shared the lead single '4AM'.

In their debut EP, Spielbergs always lived on the edge of collapse, but found energy and inspiration in escaping this fate. Judging by the album title This Is Not The End, this will continue in their new tunes, and '4AM' certainly lives on this precipice too. Spielbergs take no time in launching into their domineering wall of guitars and synth, as they excoriate themselves by looking back at their energetic youth and comparing it with their current state. Needless to say, there's a lot of regret and nihilism involved, but they're still powering through the long hard night. Even as it reaches '4AM' and they "feel like giving up," they never do; instead they force themselves through the long dark hours, riding atop their ceaseless torrent of chords into a glorious and heroic sunrise. Spielbergs may profess to being exhausted through '4AM', but by the end they seem ready to go another 10 rounds, and so are we.

Spielbergs' debut album This Is Not The End comes out through By The Time It Gets Dark on February 1st. They'll be arriving in the UK shortly after to play these shows:

11.02.19 – Jimmy’s - Manchester
12.02.19 – The Garage (Attic Bar) - Glasgow
13.02.19 – Think Tank? Underground - Newcastle
14.02.19 – Sunflower Lounge - Birmingham
15.02.19 – Shacklewell Arms - London