Growing up I was never that much of a sports fan. I was always a lot more comfortable with a pencil or a pen rather then a pair of football boots and i continue to be so to this day. I don't tend to pay a lot of attention to the world of sport and my support for any empty headed,diamond earing wearing, kick you whilst your down "sportsmen" is pretty non existent.

But there was a time, when i actually did want to play a sport. Basketball, as it happens and at the time, it was only cool to like one team, The Chicago Bulls. I haven't paid much attention to the NBA since my favorite player of the game, Michael Jordan hung up his shoes, but it was he, aided by a few loony tune cartoon characters, and a catchy R.Kelly track i am sure, that got me into wanting to play Basketball and at one stage even wanting to play it professionally


So this afternoon as i was browsing through Rotten Tomatoes, i came across something, that in my opinion has been a long time coming for such a spectacle and rarity of a sporting legend.

Spike Lee, one of my more admired directors has announced that he will be making a documentary about Jordan and his unparalleled career which is set to premier at next years Cannes film festival.

Although not the first documentary ever to have been made in honor of Jordan, who is eligible for induction into the Basket Ball Hall Of Fame this year, Lee's resilience to compromise on the flick which is being financed by the NBA itself will certainly mean that you get to see a more independent and introspective look into the life of the man who in defying gravity won the highest accolade any human being could dream of achieving, unlike those prior to it that had more of a NBA advertising type feel rather then the feel of a un scripted, un edited documentary.

Until then, Go Bulls!