Plenty of subgenres have their moment in the sun before fading away because they capture a certain, impermanent zeitgeist. But bedroom pop will always have a place as long as people need a personal refuge and a chance to turn their anxieties into melodies.

Columbus-by-way-of-Youngstown band Spirit of the Bear get that. In their new video for 'Haunt Me' (The title track off their EP, released in February), much time is spent inside vocalist James Harker's bedroom, as director Kayla Hay's 360-panoramic shots capture personal decay and how it affects one's surroundings. Adding to the spiral are surrealistic images of colorful liquids pouring into glasses, a landline phone leaping out of its cradle, and a floating cassette.

Guiding all of this is the song itself, a restrained piece of synthpop that glows through all kinds of details, from Harker's vocoded vocals to the anguish of the midsection, which encapsulates trying to achieve liftoff when all you know is the ground. Spirit of the Bear have a room - and a sound - of their own.

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