GAME has announced a series of lock-Ins by for the highly-anticipated stealth espionage title Splinter Cell: Blacklist at 12 GAME stores round the UK. The lock-Ins will take place over two days, 26th and 27th July, ahead of the game’s release on 23rd August.

Those interested in attending can register at their nearest GAME store or send a tweet to the particular store's official twitter page. Attendees must be over 18 years old and, as spaces are limited, entry will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

GAME has more lock-in events to announce soon and as of today, over 5,000 gamers have already attended previous GAME Lock-Ins around the UK. Here is the list for this lock-in event:

Friday 26th July

Edinburgh, St James Centre- 18:00 - @GAMEStJames1

Liverpool - 19:00 - @GAME_Liverpool

Nottingham, Victoria Centre - 18:00 - @GAMENottingham

Bristol, Cribbs Causeway - 19:00 - @GAMECribbs

Norwich - 19:00 - @GAMENorwich

Croydon - 18:30 - @GAMECroydon

Saturday 27th July

Leeds, White Rose Centre - 19:00 - @GAMEwhiterose

Manchester, Arndale Centre - 20:00 - @GAMEmancArndale

Solihul - 21:00 - @GAME_Solihul

Cardiff - 19:00 - @GAMEcardiff

Reading, Oracle Shopping Centre - 19:00 - @GAMEReadingOrac

Southampton, West Quay Centre - 19:00 - @GAMEsouthampton