Split Festival is going green!

Event organisers at The Futurehead's curated festival - which began in 2009 - have stated their ambition to provide the most eco-friendly festival within three years.

Speaking about the project, event chairman Rob Deverson, said:

"Apart from Split Festival I work in the Energy and Environmental sector helping large organisations throughout the UK reduce their carbon footprint and so improve environmental performance. As our Festival has developed we wanted to bring a similar ethos to Split. We are aware that many people in the performing arts industry have concerns about the eco-credentials of live events. It's great to recycle plates and glasses but what about the energy used for tour buses, generator sets and other major fossil fuel burners at live outdoor entertainment?"

"We can do all we can inside the venue to reduce our carbon impact by using bio-fuels in local generators to power the site as well as carefully managed waste streams and recyclable food and drink materials.”

“However that is all for nothing if everyone turns up to our event in their cars! We want to encourage all Festival goers to use public transport to the Park Lane interchange in Sunderland and we will provide courtesy bus travel for the short ride from there to the venue. A team of volunteers will be conducting entry interviews on methods of travel and we will be offering spot prizes throughout the weekend for festival goers who can show public transport tickets for their trip to the event."

Working in conjunction with Julie's Bicycle - a music industry project that promotes environmental sustainability - the organisers have a plan to not only do everything they can in 2011 to reduce their carbon impact but also to measure this using empirical evidence from festival goers.

Split Festival is also working with local environmental agencies to audit its overall carbon impact as it looks to carry out it's three year plan.

Split Festival takes place across September 17th and 18th at Ashbrooke Sports Club in Sunderland and features the likes of The Charlatans, The Drums, Mystery Jets and Frankie & the Heartstrings. Tickets are available now and priced at £25 for a day ticket and £40 for the weekend.