Though Britt Daniel spent the last year and a half touring under Divine Fits, it seems he's back to working on his main band Spoon with his fellow bandmates. They started recording the album earlier this year with Jim Eno at Public Hi-Fi Studios in Austin, Texas, and from their crazy amount of Instagram activity it seems like they may be about done.

In May the band sent out a newsletter that contained eight new song titles, 'I Ain't the One', 'Fresh From Your Pages', 'Naff Bag', 'The Rent I Pay', 'Millionaires', 'Let Me Be Mine', 'Modern Girls', 'Give Me It', and they've been hinting at a ninth track called 'They Want My Soul.' This new record will be the follow up to 2010's Transference.

Daniel recently sat down with SPIN to talk about the new album and the direction it's headed in, saying “Right now it’s a lot of instrumental music. There were a few tunes that I have written over the last couple of years that I brought in at these rehearsals. And they sounded pretty good, actually. A couple of those, they’re — what are they? — they have slightly more soul than the last record, if anything? Slightly more R&B. And then there’s these instrumental songs. I don’t know how those will end up. I gotta put some words on ‘em.”