Knowing that Apple play a certain breed of hardball, Spotify have been busy spending literally hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbyists in an attempt to stop or at least slow the gradual monopoly of Apple, in light of Apple Music and its potential to be the go-to streaming service.

"Spotify's lobbyists have quietly made the rounds in D.C., whispering to lawmakers for months that Apple’s new music offering threatens to stifle its competitors, according to sources familiar with the discussions," reported Politco.

Already this action has resulted in Apple coming under investigation by the Attorneys General of New York and Connecticut (because of secret deals urging major labels to abandon Spotify), as well as the Federal Trade Commission for alleged "unfair or deceptive acts or practices" regarding the 30% cut Apple takes from the sale of all apps from its App Store – including those for rival streaming services. Apple was also found guilty of anticompetitive practices by Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission earlier this year; they don't exactly have the best track record, and are known to be ruthless in business, so you can understand why Spotify are keen to not let it slide.

The ultimate aim for Spotify is to never have to submit to a "paywall" – meaning all content would only be available for subscribers. And they're pretty certain on this: CEO Daniel Ek would rather shut the company down than give up their "freemium" option. So they're doing their best to battle against the Californian tech giant, even sending an email to Spotify users last week with instructions detailing a different way of downloading the Spotify app on iOS in order to circumvent Apple's standard 30% cut (thus supporting Spotify).

Despite being on level footing when it comes to music streaming, with Spotify perhaps at a slight advantage given their well established place in the market, it is truly a battle of David and Goliath when it comes to finances: whilst Spotify haemorrhages money (despite being valued recently at $8 billion), Apple actually has the largest cash reserves of any other company and nation on Earth.