As one music streaming service announces it's shutting down - that'd be Rdio - another is still full-steam ahead, second star on the right and straight on till morning and all that. That's Spotify, who've just launched yet another value-adding feature to its service.

It's called Party and, well, the clue's in the name. Specifically intended for parties, when you just want a constant stream of virtually DJ-mixed music with no gaps of silence, Party beat-matches tracks for fluid transitions. You'll also be able to make a playlist in the blink of an eye using z and y axes of genre and mood, which should make things a lot easier for the time-strapped amongst us.

Party launches today on Android and iOS (no desktop yet) with an exclusive 120-track pre-mixed playlist courtesy of Diplo, said to contain some new material.

Previously unveiled features are Discover Weekly, algorithmic personalised playlists, Found them first, which keeps a note of whether or not you were an early adopter or just a follower in terms of finding and liking new music; Spotify even teamed up with Starbucks for barista-curated playlists. Remember its Musical Map of the World, too?

Unsurprisingly, Drake was the most streamed artist on Spotify this year.