Do you remember last year, when Taylor Swift-and-team locked horns with Spotify over how the streaming service should facilitate the artists who provide its content? Well, now - according to the Wall Street Journal - Spotify has been telling music executives that it's willing to try something new. And that something new is allowing some artists' work to be made available solely to paid subscribers of the streaming service.

Spotify users of all shapes and sizes may note the distinct lack of Adele's already record-breaking album 25 on Spotify. Now, relating to this, last year, during the whole Taylor Swift-Spotify thing, Adele's manager Jonathan Dickins actually said something interesting and quite relative to this current scenario:

"My feeling would be to get around the situation with someone like Taylor Swift – but Spotify won’t do it – is a window between making something available on the premium service, earlier than it’s made available on the free service."

In all likelihood, it's probably this experimental initiative that's holding 25 until the time is right - namely, until Spotify can agree to something that gives enough exclusivity to artist and paying subscriber, whilst not alienating free users too much.

Previously Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has said that he'd rather fold the business entirely than lose the service's free users, so a compromise such as Dickins is offering might work out better for everyone involved.