According to HUH magazine, Spotify have released figures that detail how much their Top 10 / Top 100 artists get paid each. It's a fair amount, with Top 10-ers taking over £8 million each and Top 100-ers just over £2 million; and it's interesting to note how soon these surfaced after Taylor Swift took a swing at Apple Music.

However, it's difficult to take away any real value from these figures. Firstly, they're projections: we're barely out of June 2015, yet the "Typical 1 Year Payout Per Artist" runs from June this year to May 2016. There is a slight concern that these figures can just be plucked out the air. Secondly, there's no source given for where these figures come from, so we're just having to take HUH's word for it.

Here they are anyway. Enjoy them.

Typical 1 Year Payout Per Artist (June 2015 to May 2016):
Spotify Top 10: $13.9 million (approx. £8.75 million)
Spotify Top 100: $3.3 million (approx. £2.08 million)