Spotify is often heralded as the basically the devil incarnate by many: loudly by Thom Yorke (kind of an "old man yells at cloud" thing) and a bit more quietly by Taylor Swift (who totally pulled her entire back catalogue from the streaming service). There are probably a lot of other detractors. Cause, right, it's better the devil you know *cough*Apple*cough* — was that me? Oh right, so yeah, Apple want to start a streaming service too.

So some good news for Spotify is nice for a change. Kobalt Music Group, an independent music publisher (representing over 6,000 artists, including Charli XCX, Flume and Ella Eyre, to name just a fragment) has reported that in the first quarter of this year it took 13% more royalties from Spotify than it did from iTunes. Compare that to the third quarter of 2013, when iTunes was earning them 32% more royalties than Spotify; but this gap closed in the fourth quarter, with iTunes providing just 8% more than Spotify.

Why is this? Do we not need to own things anymore? Do we just like to stream stuff? Probably.

Obviously, this is one music publisher, one quarter, and these findings are just from iTunes/Spotify Europe. But if we can extrapolate this as the general trend worldwide it's no wonder that Apple are busy trying to get their own streaming service off the ground.

Is this more news than you can take? Don't worry: there's 405 TV around here somewhere.