Spotify has announced it will be holding a press event on December 11th, where it's rumoured to be launching a new free mobile tier that will allow users to access its radio service as well as play a limited number of songs on demand.

"The new ad-supported offering will allow nonpaying mobile users to play a limited number of songs on demand, but will mostly serve up music based on the user's input, much like custom radio services such as Pandora," explains The Wall Street Journal, while TechCrunch suggests that "users won't get unlimited on-demand access, but will be less restricted if they listen to playlists or collections they've previously created… The reasoning may be that Spotify sees these subsequent plays of songs users have already shown interest in as less valuable than on-demand access to what they’ve never listened to before."

While Spotify has yet to confirm the rumours, this new feature seems to be rather different from Pandora or iTunes radio. However, free mobile radio is no news for US Spotify users as the company introduced an ad-supported free tier for its iPhone and iPad apps back in 2012. [via MusicWeek]

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