While Spotify is still running at a loss. it looks like we're heading towards a bit of a Highlander moment with Apple standing mightily above a Spotify brought to its knees, just waiting for the iTunes sword to make that killer blow.

A bit much? We don't think so, according to The Wall Street journal Apple are in talks with labels to secure comprehensive streaming rights. It's also rumoured that the service offered by the tech giant would be a free service. Considering the iTunes match service, launched last year, which looked to offer iTunes users their entire music catalogue on the go came with the reasonably cheap subscription fee of around £20 a year, to offer streaming of music you don't own as well would surely seal the struggling Spotify's fate.

Let's not get carried away though, anyone who has actually used iTunes Match will know that it isn't exactly a foolproof service. Tracks downloaded from other sources than the iTunes store (and in some cases, even then) are often difficult to 'match', so with that in mind we can understand their desire to move away from just online storage of users music, but it could take a while for Apple to create a full streaming service that works perfectly. Word is it will be modelled on Pandora, so subscribers would be able to build the service to their own personal tastes.

An Apple event is scheduled next week but don't expect any talk of this service, it will be all about the iPhone 5 and the rumoured iPad Mini.