It's no secret that we're big fans of Spring Offensive - I've written pretty extensively about these guys over the last few years - so it is with my great pleasure that I am now writing this intro.

What you're about to hear is one of the best debut albums from an English band that I can think of. That is not cheap hyperbole. I've listened to this record at least once a day for the last month or so. It isn't going away and I don't want it to. Its melodies and messages have sunk beneath my skin and found a home....

...and the best thing?

I think they are going to get better as a band as their career develops. The album is so intelligently thought out, dwelling on what it is like to be young, the pressure of joining a society that is (not so) quietly imploding. As you find yourself singing along you also find yourself feeling better, and as you sing, you notice all of the subtle little touches that separates this album from the others that arrive and disappear so quickly these days. Spring Offensive dig in a little deeper.

Enough rambling from me - a full review will follow in the coming days, for now just hit play.

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