South London's novel home for the "new and unconventional", label Squareglass has carved out a niche in its neophyte stages of existence. The project, spearheaded by a group of recent Goldsmith's graduates, has brought a fresh approach to electronic music in the City. With an air of aloofness and experimentalism at heart, the collective dawdle North on the Overground for a few stops and end up at Power Lunches with their debut Sampler in-hand.

Whether it's the washed-out ceilings or the DIY tin-can-for-cash policy, the post-industrial ambience that permeates through the new cassette transfers into raw, physical character this evening. With a horizon of both live, organic instruments juxtaposed by figures bowing and bobbing over archaic samplers, there's a sense of spontaneity and risk. We're not short of moments where the artists' deviate radically from their own templates, with these elongated journeys making for the most unusual and memorable moments. Where much of Junk's material from recent EP Eyes Shut has a quality of asceticism and sleekness, we see the five-piece here obsessing over scruffy, self-referential and spiralling motifs for minutes at a time, embracing a type of chaos that really elevates the material.

Squareglass' adage is a nonchalant confidence in community and collaboration. Whether it's arthouse experimentalist Ballerino aided by Bunki on-stage, Leiik's Amy Spencer lending her crucial vocals throughout the evening or 'Hilly Fields' - Semi Precious and Bunki's masterful showcase of both a consistent climax and a lack of one at all - there seems to be an inherent trust within this group of artists and friends to introduce foreign ideas into one another's material. This is conducive for creating an environment with an understanding of innovation and open-mindedness amongst both creators and, as the night demands, listeners. That scope really gives Squareglass the potential to craft an essential wave of experimentalism in the Capital for the coming months and beyond.