Art Feynman thrives in ambiguity disguised as anonymity. He doesn’t show his face in press photos, and his vocal style is all but obscured by overlayed effects. The aesthetic he achieves could be described as waterlogged bedroom pop producer. Listen to his buoyant new single, ‘Ideal Drama’ below and find his newly announced European tour dates below.

"It’s basically about human extinction and that maybe we have some sort of planned obsolescence as well as a contradictory desire to survive. In many ways the devices that allow us to prosper are also our potential downfall." – Art Feynman

If the new single from Feynman were a tangible object, it would be a wet sponge. Not because it’s absorbent, but rather because it leaks lofi production at every shift. A few leading notes open ‘Ideal Drama,’ ready for Feynman’s voice to murmur his warnings about the future of our species. Squishy synths meet machine-like whirrs, and yet all the imagery of steel does no damage to the inherent life of the track. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume that it had two fully functioning lungs, sighing deeply to signal its own existential struggles.

Feynman is signed to Western Vinyl, which has already supplied two recent records of his: a debut full-length called Blast Off Through The Wicker and a quick follow-up EP called Near Negative. If press releases from last December are to be trusted, then Feynman has another LP on the horizon, and with any luck, it will feature ‘Ideal Drama.’

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11/04: Loppen - Copenhagen, DK
11/05: Goldener Salong (Hafenklang) w/ Mint Field - Hamburg, DE
11/06: Bumann & Sohn w/ Sasami - Cologne, DE
11/07: Vooruit w/ Ahmed Fakroun - Ghent, BE
11/08: S 105 / De School - Amsterdam, NL
11/09: Le Guess Who? - Utrecht, NL
11/10: De Gudde Wellen - Luxembourg, LU
11/11: The Victoria - London, UK
11/13: L'Olympic Cafe - Paris, FR
11/14: Sabotage Dijon - Dijon, FR
11/15: Neubad - Luzerne, CH
11/16: 1. Stock - Basel, CH