If you've been to the 405 before you'll know that we're big fans of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and the rather excellent music they've produced so far. Hailing from Springfield Missouri, SSLYBY recently released a follow up to the 2006 classic Broom with the even more fantastic Pershing and it's with our pleasure to present to you a mini interview with the Phil the drummer! Firstly, congratulations on your latest release. How do you feel about the record? How do you feel it differs from Broom? Is it fun playing the new songs live? Thanks. It's definitely a summer '08 CD. It's not as raw as Broom. It's faster, so it's really fun to play live. It's like a party. Lots of cowbell. From what we can gather you've never played a show here in England so 1)Please tell us if we're wrong! 2)Are you looking forward to coming over here in the summer? We played 5 shows in the UK last summer. We're going back in September. A classic question here for you in the form of 'where did your name come from?' and did you receive a lot more press when he died? Will's  (our guitar guy) brother wrote a paper called "Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin." He got a terrible grade and we got a band name. Yeah, a lot of magazines called us because my phone number is on the website. My girlfriend heard you for the fist time last night and thinks you sound like a funkier version of the Beatles! But who do you think you sound like? if anyone! Actually, I like your girlfriend's description. We're like the crappy Beatles. You recently did a session for Daytrotter, how did that come about? We were actually the first band to ever record at Daytrotter. We were in the right place at the right time---touring in Iowa. We kept in touch with Sean ever since and he asked us to come back when we wrote new songs. So we did. You're one of those hidden gems of a band but what bands would you consider hidden gems? Puzzle from Liverpool. We played a show with them last summer and we're putting a 7" record out with them real soon. Check them out, they're REALLY good. www.myspace.com/puzzlepuzzle  Visit SSLYBY here!