St. Bishop returns with his confessional new single ‘Good Intentions’, lifted from a forthcoming debut EP. On this deeply moving, emotive new track this young songwriter sheds light on his experience of growing up gay in rural Ireland. Beginning with hushed reflections of his struggles to understand his sexuality, his vocal delivery is reminiscent of ANONHI and Patrick Wolf, before it erupts into an explosive celebration of synth. Its production is rich, warm and welcoming and envelopes you before heavy electro elements add a real sense of depth and space to this nocturnal number.

Speaking of ‘Good Intentions’, St. Bishop noted: “I wrote Good Intentions about two years ago, this song takes on two issues that have controlled and shaped most of my formative years. Growing up gay in rural Ireland had its challenges, I come from a great family and have great friends but harbouring those feelings for so long had lasting effects on the way I saw myself and the way I thought the world saw me.”

With a heavy subject matter, ‘Good Intentions’ is expectedly epic and feels like a track that St. Bishop, real name Stephen, needed to write in order to come to terms with these complex emotions. It toes the line well between pop, electro and R & B and evokes comparisons to Aquilo, Fyfe and MS MR.