Hailing from St. Louis, pop artist CHEL is developing into a must-watch artist. Her impeccable voice, capable of astounding range and power, has already delivered a number of incredible tracks. But few could claim to be as poignant as 'Amen,' CHEL's new single that has been paired with a video unafraid to shine a light on some of the greatest injustices of recent memories.

Set in a church, the 'Amen' video features a copious amount of blood and newsreel footage of atrocities and tragedies, such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The juxtaposition of those images with CHEL's soaring vocals is truly something to behold. Director Julian Cicone and CHEL should be commended for taking more than a few risks in making this video.

But it certainly does not hurt that 'Amen' is a damn good song, with moody production and a truly gorgeous vocal melody. When CHEL belts the chorus on this track, I'm sure more than a few listeners will be taken aback by the depth and power of her voice. 'Amen' is also buoyed by important lyrical subjects, as CHEL reflects on how people have been condemned for their beliefs, sexuality, race, gender and more,

"We see it time and time again throughout history and we need to ask ourselves when will we learn?" she says. "'Amen' is a plea for unification, a plea for understanding and a plea for acceptance."

You can watch the video for CHEL's 'Amen' up above.